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general information about AmShan


a note from owner, Larry Manning, about his commitment to his customers and to quality of service


a listing of services provided by AmShan


electrical services offered, including RV generator service

Compressed Air

compressed air services offered


diesel services offered

Hydraulics & Welding

hydraulic and welding services offered


heater services offered

Air Conditioning

air conditioning services offered

Snow Plow Service

snow plow services offered

Marine Service

boat and marine services offered

Service Center

we are an authoized service center for the manufacturers shown on this page


map, phone, email and address location for AmShan


privacy policy and copyright ownership details

Site Map

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AmShan has offered full service and repair of motors, welders, generators, compressors, and other equipment for over 30 years. We specialize in electrical, compressed air, on-site diesel repair, air conditioning, hydraulic, mobile welding, and generator repair for all makes, including Cummins-Onan and Generac.

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